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CONSTRUCTION + TRADE  jobs are in-demand, pay well, and provide benefits.  Most construction employers will hire and train you, paying for learning and certifications while you work!

PATHWAYS: Construction, Maintenance + Repair, Energy Jobs, Logistics + Transportation, Manufacturing

About the Construction Programs

Our current construction career pathway supports you getting started or growing your career in Construction and the Trades. This career path starts with entry level laborers and can help you secure reliable employment as a Welder, Plant Operator/Mechanic, or Construction Manager. Construction is the fastest growing industry in our region, has high paying jobs and great benefits, all while keeping you active at work. 

Courses beginning in the next three months include certificates in construction standards, classes in blueprint reading, lathe and milling programming, and construction technology. Flexible classes, some with on the job training, can support you learning while you continue to earn.


Work Readiness Rolling Goodwill NNE
Work Readiness – ESOL Rolling Goodwill NNE
PMT Academy Rolling Central Maine Community College Professional Development 
Building Construction Technology August 30th Central Maine Community College
Building Construction Technology, Job Site Track August 30th Central Maine Community College
Precision Machining Technology August 30th Central Maine Community College
GIS Certificate August 30th USM
Electrical Program August 30th USM
Mechanical Program August 30th USM
Computer Science IT August 30th USM
Informational Technology August 30th USM

Our Education Partners reflect the range of educational options needed to be successful in Construction and the Trades,  including Lewiston and Auburn Adult Education, Central Maine Community College, Goodwill Northern New England, and Maine Department of Labor. Our employer partners reflect great paid training opportunities with some of the area’s largest construction businesses.

Get the skills you need to be successful for the job you want.

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